SNKP explains delay + New Trailer

You may have seen SNKP’s post about how they delayed XIII for quality.  For those who haven’t been following the development since the arcade version, there have been SO many changes!   And for those who like those tweaks that make their character even more playable, you’re going to appreciate the changes that are coming, due to the delay.

For example, when the retail version hits, you’ll find that Vice can now cancel either of her DMs into her Neo Max.

In the meantime, SNKP’s new trailer!

14 thoughts on “SNKP explains delay + New Trailer”

  1. They should list all the new changes to the console version. Or do snk want us to find the changes out ourselves.

  2. Aha, in the video she cancels the qcb p, but it was the follow up I was talking about. Anyway looks like I don’t know my vice well enough but the cancel from her air dm into Neo Max is definitely new. THERE WILL BE MORE CHANGES TO OTHER CHARACTERS TOO!

  3. She was always able to Super Cancel Overkill from the splash follow-up, but Max Cancel-ing it is all-new.

    And don’t ask Gunny for the real reason they’re delaying it. He’s going to say something like, “They’re delaying it to put Shermie in…”

  4. What? So she could do BC, qcb c, qcf c canceled into db qcf, uf, dwn up b, canceled into Neo max, in the arcade? Bet she couldn’t.

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