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New Quanba “Eight Arc” Stick

Quanba looks set to release a new stick, in several variations: PS3, 360, wood, plastic, and all combined.  The layout seems to be the standard TE with Sanwa parts but I can’t say I’m impressed with the default artwork – perhaps they are going for a retro look but as a fighting fan who plays modern games, this is lost on me.  The previous incarnation QRAF 4 is still doing the rounds and while I had a little go, I was fairly impressed – a cheaper TE (Madcatz Tournament Edition stick) clone with cross platform capability (360/ps3/pc).  What I didn’t like was the button layout being too close to the stick – this is the reason why I’ve never jumped for a TE.  I use the middle four buttons of an 8 button layout and on the TE, the buttons don’t match the posture of your fingers unless you have your forefinger on the top left.  You can adjust, but I don’t have time for that.

Might review this properly later.  Until then, don’t forget you stick heads can get the Q4 from Gremlin Solutions for £99 (not including VAT and shipping)

More info (Thx Gharling!)

6 thoughts on “New Quanba “Eight Arc” Stick”

  1. I never quite figured out why they create sticks that are so close to the buttons. I’m assuming they’re going for an ergonomic angle but it doesn’t feel very ergonomic at all IMO.

  2. I could see this being fairly comfy for KOF actually, if you use K1 for A and put your thumb there then have P2-4 for B-D and use your fingers for that. The stick is still really close though.

    I have to think there would be some decent money in just releasing the pcb for this at, like, 60 bucks for modders.

  3. Hi! Thanks for the quick review. I was wondering would a top panel with only the 4 buttons be of any interest to you and your KOF Community. Meanwhile, button plugs are available for our joysticks to cover unused buttons.

  4. We had a long discussion in the forums about this. Many like 4 in a row, but many like 2 rows of two buttons. What i’m not happy about is the placement of the buttons. The Datel and Neo geo have a curved layout which seems more ergonomic. The TE and sticks with similar layouts have a curve only for the first two buttons on the left. Kof players often are only using index and forefinger and thumb, so we need that curve. But on the TE, the first two buttons the left that have the curve are too close to the stick. Perhaps I could used to it, but i’m not going to spend £150 on a risk.

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