Interview with Kayane

You may have heard of Kayane.  If not, she’s a SFIV and Soul Calibur player, and she’s pretty damn good, ranking top 5 in France and top 10 in the world.  Now why would a KOF fan care?  Well, she decided to try out a new game that was on show at Take All Comers.  Here is her opinion of the game:

Did you know that Kayane has 3000+ followers on facebook?  What do you think their reaction will be on watching this video?

1 thought on “Interview with Kayane”

  1. 3000+ followers on facebook??? I never even heard of her (no wonder, considering I don’t follow SF as much as KOF)… And 2 of the 3 women fighters team is among her favourites, I really wanna see her playing XIII! I’ll be rooting for her, ’cause I see this is interesting! 😀

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