Evo results

Courtesy of The Answer
Results for the KOF XIII side tournament
2. Romance
3. Mr. KOF
4. Reynald
5. El Rosa (Mex)
6. Xian from Singapore.

So that’s it, ladies and gentlemen, The butcher has got the chop!  Kane317 let me know that Salim tied for 13th place.

It is also intriguing to see that Bala managed to keep the upper hand over Mr. Kof. That rivalry is sure to continue, but for now it means Mexico is on top of the world!

Congratulations to all competitors, especially top 6, can’t wait to see videos!  With over 50 sign ups, game celebrities liking the game, hordes of viewers and representatives from all over the world, we have successfully shown that KOF is back as a popular mainstream game!  Now is the time to prepare for next year.  Super VS Battle 2011 is next, but perhaps not for some…  Warm up the guillotine!