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9 thoughts on “Unlimited Faceoff @ UCX/LAC Results”

  1. Man, wish I was at the tournament. Can’t wait for the videos and interviews to come out from this tournament.

  2. KOF XIII was very entertaining. All you guys above were involved in some nail biting matches. I didn’t do so well myself as I psyched myself out after looking like I was walking away with my match. But hopefully it won’t be too long before we get to play it again!

  3. Haha thx GigaD but I wish.
    Your training at 2k2um during this last months has given you a great execution while I can barely finish my combos 🙁

    Hope you like the game enough so you continue playing!

  4. yeah, I was surprised myself. After watching about 2 hours worth of matches Salim explained to me that he didn’t have a particular strategy for Nameless but he played alot of ppl that use Nameless and that he used certain characters he felt Bata was not familiar fighting. If that makes sense.

    Bata said he was a bit rusty too.

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