Capcom/SNK at CES

You may have heard some of the buzz over this announcement on the flyer for the CES show, mainly because it reads “Capcom/SNK” in attendance. People started to wonder if SNK had been purchased by Capcom or whether this was some sort of partnership. So far, it seems to be more of a typo, although a really odd one at that, as the gaming companies in attendance are listed in alphabetical order. Don’t forget that SNK is actually SNKP. At any rate Capcom have stated:

There will be a few Capcom people there, but unfortunately we do not have a presence on the show floor (it’s not primarily a “gaming” convention). On the plus side, we should have some new announcements about upcoming games…

As far as I know, we aren’t doing anything with SNK at CES.

Thanks to videoman190

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4 thoughts on “Capcom/SNK at CES”

  1. While SNKP is definitely not doing that great financially, I’m not really for a Capcom takeover. Capcom doesn’t seem very good at emulating KoF gameplay, if CvS2 is any indication. That said, another CvS game would be nice, but aren’t they already making 2 other Cv games?

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