KOF’98 Ultimate Match Final Edition

NESiCAxLive is Taito’s new arcade download service where arcade owners can download software to a machine instead of having a physical cart/disc in there, supposedly to make it more convenient to swap out games and distribute updates. BlazBlue Continuum Shift II is the first game to use this system, but there will be others.

SNKP was announced as one of the supporters of the new system, and they’ve just announced their first two games for the service:
http://game.snkplaymore.co.jp/event/nes … index.html

KOF2002 Unlimited Match and…KOF’98 Ultimate Match Final Edition, which is apparently a rebalanced KOF’98UM.

6 thoughts on “KOF’98 Ultimate Match Final Edition”

  1. I want this characters in the game:
    Tung Fu Rue, Jin Chonshu, Jin Chonrei, Lee Pailong(NGBC), MR Karate(SVC), Duck King(KOF XI), maybe, Gai Tendou, Silber, Li XiangFei.
    They are in KOF style, i’m sure, they make the diffence, if put on in this game.

  2. KOF is here again? They bring out 98um, everyone gets excited, we start playing it, then they bring out 2k2um, and everyone is like uhhhh forget 98um, especially with the Krauser crap. 2k2um has been doing really well. Is this SNKP’s plan B, if XIII fails? To do a Capcom and just rehash the same title with several tweaks? Sounds like a pretty good plan actually. Unfortunately, this isn’t the nineties, when we were all over that shizzle. This is the time of settling on one game like SSFT2X and becoming expert.
    If there is a market for it, then good for SNKP.
    Hmmm I wonder what console they’ll release this on…

  3. King Of Fighters 1998: Ultimate Match Final Edition!

    Looks like SNK has finally surpassed Capcom in terms of ridiculously-named fighting remixes.

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