YouTube deletes smoai’s account- a blow to the kof community?

This channel had hundreds of kof XIII videos…

The question is how did smoai ‘violate terms of use’? It is unclear whether they uploaded tougeki videos but that’s the only reason that comes to mind. Even if that was the case, why weren’t just the offending videos removed?

It’s times like this when you have to wonder about all those videos you watched but never kept a copy of…

So which channel is a XIII fan supposed to subscribe to now?

In this day and age of getting older and total apathy, it takes a real fan (or attention seeker) to upload videos. I’m still uploading a back catalogue of videos, but obviously no XIII videos… not until 22nd Oct ;)  Hang tight!

4 thoughts on “YouTube deletes smoai’s account- a blow to the kof community?”

  1. Problem is, most have tons of videos from the leaked version. even the much proclaimed dont drop that combo who somewhere in his description wrote he would have borrowed an arcade cabinet. not the case with nearly every uploader. I think thats why the tournaments get under the train too

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