First Brits to play XIII?

We’ve booked our tickets to Paris! 22nd Oct.

If there’s any questions on XIII, or things you want to know that you haven’t seen on YouTube, let us know here!

3 thoughts on “First Brits to play XIII?”

  1. I’m excited to see our brethren across the pond is finally going to get a chance to play, I’m very curious to see how much you guys like it but I’m sure you guys will.

  2. Good of you to make the trip and take ‘requests’.

    I’d just like to see a very solid Ryo.

    Specifically Hyper Drive combos using EX or normal Zanretsuken (f,b,f+ hard punch)

    Check to Zanretsuken connects after EX hein shippukyaku .

    Parrying fireballs and countering with Haoh Ken super.

    Again, would basically just like to see some exhibit some good Ryo gameplay.

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