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SVB Day 1 (Fri)

SF HD: Ugh, looks like animated sick.

Tatsunoko vs Capcom Ultimate All Stars: Ugh, looks like animated bits of cardboard.

Tekken 6: Well er, it looks nice but you might as well call it Da Vinci Code 3: Angels and Demons and other things with wings.

KOF XII: Holy crap it’s a noob fest. Only four people in the arena could actually play it. Ugh. Let’s hope day 2 brings out the players for the tourney, otherwise it’ll be like shooting fish in a barrel! Think I might have to enter kekeke!

Met Wei, Sentou, Dobiqwolf, Michel, Carpet and some others, hehe some cool characters:

Day 1 highlights:


9 thoughts on “SVB Day 1 (Fri)”

  1. hahahaha Japan did this to me!

    Ok I’m back and already tired out after Day 2! Getting too old for this shit lol

    Final 8 have been decided for KOF XII, and there are some lethal players!

    I just couldn’t be arsed to watch the SFIV tourney.

    Got some vids… let’s see if I actually make it back in one piece tomorrow.

  2. When did Gunsmith get uber tanned 😮 hahahahaha I remember pictures of him xx FCL back in 2003~2004 and he was whiter than a piece of paper hahahaha

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