However there seems to be some confusion – Ignition says firstly the patch was tested in Japan (um, why? Japan didn’t have any problems with the netcode) and will be (soon) tested in Europe.  Then they reported there will probably be delays due to Golden Week.  People on facebook were arguing that Golden Week occurs earlier in the year, however…

(from wikipedia) Golden Week: “Hachigatsu Bon” (Bon in August) is based on the solar calendar, is celebrated around the 15th of August and is the most commonly celebrated time.

So, in all, that means…. another month before the patch comes out.  Oh well.  At least they ARE working on it.  With the upcoming release of Tekken 6, this is not a good time for SNK… Let’s hope for the best…

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  1. From FB- “ONLINE UPDATE: The testing of the update is quickly coming to a end with extremely positive results! We just have to get Microsoft and Sony approvals now but we are targeting to have it available near the end of August. The game has an amazing group of fans and we want you to experience this update as soon as possible. Thanks for being patient everyone and we’ll see you online!”

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