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November 22, 2014

FGC News kof SF4     Vicio     1 Comment

SLR and Versus-Pro Gaming Tournament!

Ladies and Gents! This tournament about to go down! USF IV, UMVC and KOF  Tonight! Stay tuned for a special KOF event! Casuals going on right now! Ft. Misterio, Real Kim, Daniel Hiruma, Ziwa, and...

November 20, 2014

kof     Gunsmith     20 Comments

#KOF XIII Chin Infinite!??! #MSD update #PAOPAOCAFE

@orochinagicom Someone discovered Chin’s Infinite(?) combo http://t.co/vCSbp3gSEz Let the words be known: this old man is sick. — ALX (@aluoaniki) November 20, 2014   Is it game over for KOF13?   In the meantime, Metal...

November 20, 2014

doa     Emperor Cow     3 Comments


Team Ninja finally announces one of the 2 new cast members to be making an appearance in the upcoming DOA5:Last Round. Raidou, the long thought to be dead boss since his defeat in DOA1 is...

November 19, 2014

kof Persona 4 Arena     Gunsmith     No Comments

#BeastBusters Announcement, #MetalSlug Day Sale, Meltdown Sunday, #Persona

METAL SLUG SALE! MSX & MS3 are available at 40% OFF / 75% OFF during Steam’s “Daily Deal” today from 10am PST!! #MSX #MS3 #Steam #SNK pic.twitter.com/Ing4Q6oInt — G-Mantle (ゲーマント) (@SNKPofficial) November 19, 2014 Beast...